Well, I suck. I mean socially. As a person with project development background, I couldn’t seem to make people believe that we can deliver what we promise. That is a project nearly 2 years in the making and we blew our chance at Kickstarter and there is nobody to blame but ourselves. I went public with my idea nearly one year ago for the first time but I thought lack of interest stems from the visuals. See, I didn’t have dazzling graphical components back then, and I thought this is the problem. If I had better graphics, surely there would be more turnout, right? It didn’t work out this way. I made a video showcasing current progress in the Kickstarter page, but many still thought this is not possible. If social skills is not in my forte, the best I can do is to copy people who succeeds. Toward this goal I have opened up my previous devlogs that shows current progress that I have made in the game. You can view them in the youtube here. I will also add the logic behind the game’s inner workings on my next post. What I ask from you is to give me your constructive criticizations, so I can do better to reach right crowd next time. To make this project a success, we have two possible road ahead of us. To find an investor or build a early stage version of the project and grow the project as it is being sold. I would love to hear your ideas, so feel free to comment below. Happy adventuring.

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